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Behavioral and Academic Policies on Study Abroad
While on your study abroad program, you are an ambassador of the United States, Georgia, and Georgia College & State University.  As such, you are expected to behave with utmost integrity, which involves not only following the rules of your host institution, but also the laws of the host country as well as GCSU rules.  Please carefully review the Honor Code, the Student Code of Conduct, and Student Rights and Responsibilities for more information on the expectations the university has regarding your behavior.  For information regarding the local laws of the country and community you will be visiting, please contact the Embassy for free information.
Whether you are on a faculty led program or a semester exchange, you will be enrolled in courses for GCSU credit.  These courses will be displayed on your transcript with full grades and academic information.    If the courses in which you will be enrolled are not directly offered through GCSU (i.e. semester exchange or collaborative study abroad programs), you will need to secure approval for each course through your adviser, department chair, and the department chair of the course you plan to take.  If you are unable to enroll in the courses for which you have secured prior approval, you need to communicate with your adviser regarding the courses you will need to take, and your adviser can approve via email (copying the International Education Center).  All grades must be finalized by the end of the next academic semester or grades will be changed to an “F”.
While on semester or year-long exchange, you must be a full-time student, which means enrolling in the equivalent of 12 credit hours or more.  We understand that taking courses in another country, especially another language, can be extremely challenging, and that not everyone will be successful all of the time.  Regardless, these grades will count towards your GPA and you should, therefore, do the best you are able.  Seek assistance from professors, tutoring centers, and native students in the courses with which you are struggling.
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