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Global Health Studies Minor

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The Global Health Studies Minor

is a fantastic way to gain hands on experience in the health field. This interdisciplinary major requires 15 semester hours with grades of C or better. There are four required courses, including an international field experience, and one elective. Other courses and courses taken abroad as approved by the College of Health Sciences International Committee may be used to fulfill requirements for these hours. Courses that count toward a student's major or other minor requirements can also count toward the Global Health Studies Minor.

Required Courses:
KINS 4353: Global Health
KINS 2313: Introduction to Public Health
GEOG 4250: Geography of Health
HSCS 3993: Field Work Experience

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Elective Courses (Choose 1):
SPAN 3260: Medical Spanish
KINS 3333: Epidemiology/Human Disease
KINS 3353: Introduction to Environmental Health
POLS 4611: Contemporary International Problems
HIST 4950: History of Science & Medicine
RHET 3320: Intercultural Communications
SOCI 3446: Social Stratification
SOCI 4950: Sociology of Food
GEOG 3100: GIS Intro (Fall)
BCOM 4283: Global & Intercontinental Business Communication
ECON 3850: International Business Development
*other courses may qualify*

Pre-approved international field experiences include opportunities in Belize, Honduras, Philippines & Japan, and Global Health in Tanzania or Disability and Culture in Tanzania. Other opportunities are available on a case by case basis. 

Want to satisfy nearly the entire minor in one semester? Check out a program in San Jose, Costa Rica with our partner ISA. Take KINS 2313 Introduction to Public Health at Georgia College, and complete the remaining requirements in Costa Rica, in either Fall or Spring semester, by taking Conflict Resolution and Health Care, Costa Rican Healthcare and Tropical Medicine, and 1 elective course. It is recommended to also take Spanish for Health Care Professionals on the Costa Rica program, and there are service learning projects available as well. Contact for more details on how to apply.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, some partners now host virtual internships and programs at a reduced cost without reducing the cultural immersion experiences or academic work. As these programs crop up over time, continuous review is ongoing. Our partner, the School for International Training has incredible virtual internships in India, Kenya, and the Netherlands. 
coaches clinicFrequently Asked Questions:
How can a Global Health Studies Minor improve my career?
Employers from many different areas of study including business and engineering are looking for candidates with international relationship experience.

How much does the field experience cost?
Prices start at $2,500, depending on destination. The cost of the field experience is not included in your tuition and must be paid separately.

Are scholarship opportunities available for the field experience?
Yes! You can apply for a study abroad scholarship that will help fund a portion of your trip, please see the Scholarships and Funding page for more details.

Can classes from my major overlap with the Global Health requirements?

Contact your academic adviser today to enhance your education with a Global Health Studies Minor!
For additional questions, contact: Liz Havey, GC Assistant Director of Education Abroad or