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Incident Report

Clicking the button below will submit an incident report to the Education Abroad staff. Use this form to notify GC staff of all types of incidents including, but not limited to: 
  • Student behavior
  • Student or staff illness or injury
  • Emergencies of any kind

If you are abroad with the incident, first ensure the safety and well-being of the students and participating staff.  

The complete the report, you will need: 

Your best contact information for us to follow-up with any questions or necessary information
  • The date of incident (or its commencement if ongoing) 
  • Names of individuals involved (student ID is helpful, but not required) 
  • Time & location of the incident
  • Type of incident (alcohol/drugs, injury/illness, theft, arrest, assault, or other. If other, be prepared to explain) 
  • Explain in detail the incident
  • Identify any steps already taken in managing the situation 
  • If you have any specific requests for assistance