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Preventative Measures

It is a good idea to prepare or purchase a simple First Aid kit that includes over-the-counter medications that you are familiar with, e.g., antiseptic cream, pain relievers, fever reducers, upset stomach/diarrhea medication, etc.

To prevent illness from the physical shock of changing environment, be sure to drink plenty of clear fluids (mostly water, bottled if you are in a developing region), eat a well-rounded diet, and get plenty of sleep. This will also help decrease the effects of jet lag.

Travel abroad is not a time to experiment with reducing medication dosages or drugs and alcohol. If you take medication regularly while at home, follow your doctors orders while abroad as well. Additionally, if you are not accustomed to consuming alcohol while taking medication, please do not start while abroad. Travel abroad is stressful enough as it is due to altered routines, diets, activity levels and embarking on the unknown. The addition of more variables (such as taking yourself off medication or excessive alcohol use) will only compound matters and potentially lead to not only personal trouble, but potentially legal trouble.