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Money & Important Documents

Never travel with large amounts of cash; instead travel with credit or debit cards, as they are insured and easily replaced.  Be sure to keep photocopies, or at least write down the numbers of your cards and checks and keep the documentation in a safe place that is not with the card (often a pocket on your luggage or a desk drawer is a good place to store such documents). You will need to contact your bank(s) and notify them of your impending travels. Specify the location(s) and dates that you plan to travel. Verify that your bank will allow you to utilize your card(s) at your destination and determine the number that you should phone from your destination should your card(s) become lost or stolen.

Be sure to keep copies of your passport, visa and other identification in a safe place. This will make it easier to obtain replacements should the original become lost or destroyed. Also, give copies of these documents to your parents or other trusted friends or relatives.