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Border-Free GC Opportunities

GC Border Free SealGirl with laptopImagine that you could experience the history, friendship, culture and life of one or more countries without leaving campus or needing a passport - from immersive Border-Free Study Abroad programs to social events and everything in between. 

Recognized by associations and publications abroad as a "Best Practice" to be emulated, Border-Free GC is an innovative suite of exciting international experiences grounded in accessibility and inclusion! Leveraging the global reach of technology, Border-Free GC extends international opportunities to all GC students, faculty, and staff. 

Border-Free puts the world at the fingertips of the Georgia College community. 

Border-Free Study Abroad and International Internships
All Current Border-Free Programs at a Glance


Exchange Partners
We have multiple exchange partners throughout the world that offer different opportunities for students to take classes virtually while still completing a normal corse load here at Georgia College. For a list of participating Universities for your disciple and semester reach out to

ISA Global Remote Internships link

ISA (International Studies Abroad) offers virtual study abroad and ISA Global Remote Internships.

SIT: link

SIT (School for International Training) offers study abroad and internships online.

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Contact us at studyabroadinfo@gcsu for more information.

Faculty and staff interested in developing a Border-Free educational opportunity may contact Dr. James Callaghan, Assistant Vice President for International Education, at

Georgia College and the International Education Center regularly put on Border-Free events and opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. To view a list of previous Border-Free events.

Contact us today and we will be happy to assist you in developing opportunities for your club or Registered Student Organization (RSO) by completing our short Border-Free Project Inquiry Request form.