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GC Oxford Experience

Georgia College has recently entered into a direct billing agreement with the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. Currently two options are offered: The GC Oxford Experience is a highly competitive and prestigious opportunity only available to highly motivated, high achieving students in the humanities and social sciences. Classes are taught in a one-on-one tutorial setting with a tutor (faculty mentor). The tutorial setting helps students develop critical thinking and debate skills and tutors will hold students responsible not only for acquiring knowledge, but also demonstrating use and applicability of that knowledge in a variety of contexts.

As a direct bill partner, Oxford will invoice GC on behalf of the student's tuition and accommodation expenses. This charge will be posted to the student account as a large tuition invoice. Any HOPE or Zell and Federal Financial Aid for which the student is eligible will be applied to the student's account. The remaining balance is due by the standard GC tuition deadline for the term in question.

After reading about the OPUS and Regents Parks programs, including the admission criteria, contact if you need more information.