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College of Health Sciences Internships Abroad

Health Science Internships Abroad
Gain first-hand experience with diverse practices and health care systems in other cultures by completing your internship abroad. Develop a new understanding of how culture influences the practice of health and human performance, providing you with valuable preparation for your career. Not only will it help you broaden your global health perspective, but it will help you learn valuable professional skills by working in diverse teams, effectively communicating in new ways and so much more. We have partnered with ISA Internships to provide you countless opportunities to pursue your internship abroad. 
Australia bridge

Application Process:
  1. Submit online application and choose 3 areas of specialization.
  2. Submit supplemental application materials.
  3. Advising session with an ISA Career Adviser: applicant will discuss career goals, interests, and qualifications.
Placement Process:
  1. Advising session notes are sent to applicant for review and approval.
  2. Applicant profile is sent to the ISA placement team abroad.
  3. Interview: many applicants will have one or more interviews with potential host companies.

Recommended Locations
and estimated costs               10 Week        12 Week

HoChi Minh City,                          $4925             $5350
Santiago                                      $7990             $8990
Australia                                      $7375             $8565
New Zealand                               $7195             $8430
Valencia                                       $7255             $8510
Dublin                                          $7690             $8710
Shanghai                                     $7320             $8690

What's Included:
  • Internship placement
  • Pre-departure Support Services
  • On-site Support
  • Student Housing: Fully-furnished, shared, apartment-style accommodations (home-stay available in Chile & Spain)
  • Professional Development Toolbox & Co-Curricular &
  • Academic Components
  • Transportation: airport pick-up, local transportation pass loaded with a fixed amount of money for first few days.
chile overlook
For more information regarding your discipline's requirements, please contact: 
    COHS International Coordinator - Dr. Sallie Coke
    Creative Arts Therapies – Dr. Katie Whipple
    Health and Human Performance – Hollie Smith 
    Nursing – Dr. Debby MacMillan

For more information about opportunities, processes, and funding your internship abroad, contact: