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Programs by Type/Duration

At Georgia College students can chose from many different program types to fit the needs of their academic studies or desired country of travel.toledo

Exchange - Students take courses at a university abroad with local faculty. Students pay tuition to GC and other expenses separately to the appropriate vendors. This is the most affordable study abroad experience as the cost is very similar to that of on-campus study. Most programs are offered for the full semester or academic year, though some options for shorter stays exist. For all exchange programs, Contact GC Study Abroad staff at

GC-Led - Package programs led by GC professors/staff with site-specific learning objectives. Program charges, paid to the International Education Center, typically include accommodations and other in-country expenses. For academic programs, students pay tuition separately to their GC student account.

USG Partners- Package program hosted by the University System of Georgia (USG). Students pay package charges, typically including airfare, accommodations, and other in-country expenses, to the host and their tuition to their GC student account.

Direct Billing- Package programs that offer a range of courses through one of GC pre-approved study abroad providers. Charges and inclusions vary greatly by program. Providers invoice GC for package charges, which is posted to the GC student account to maximize student access to financial aid.

Our Partners:
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Internship and Service Learning- Work-based learning experiences abroad.