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Getting Involved
Faculty play a critical role in students' development, and research shows that your endorsement of international and intercultural engagement can often be the push a student needs to seek this value-added experience. There are many ways faculty can support students' intercultural development, including:
  • Bringing international students to the class 
  • Encouraging domestic students with international experiences to share in class
  • Address the subject from a multicultural perspective
  • Encourage study or internship abroad
  • Direct a faculty-led study abroad program
  • Bring international lecturers to campus
  • Teach abroad at a partner institution
Taking Students Abroad
For faculty interested in developing a study abroad program, please visit our study abroad director's handbook (please log into Unify before clicking the hyperlink) and set up an appointment with a Study Abroad Adviser or the Assistant Vice President for International Education. Please use this Faculty Proposal Budget Template.xlsx during the proposal process. For any technical support with the budget template, support in planning your program, or questions and concerns about any processes or policies, please contact a Study Abroad Adviser.  

There are opportunities to teach on existing study abroad programs as well as through the consortium agreements Georgia College has with the USG Goes Global, and KSU Montepulciano, Italy programs. For information on getting involved with these programs, please contact a the International Education Center.

Connecting with International Students
For more information about connecting with international students at Georgia College, please see our international student connections page (please log into Unify before clicking the hyperlink).

Connecting Internationally
Bringing guest lecturers and visiting scholars to campus can be an excellent way to diversify education at Georgia College; alternatively, teaching abroad at a foreign institution can be a great way for faculty to diversify their own teaching and research portfolios. For more information regarding Georgia College's international partnerships, please visit our Partners Worldwide page. Contact Assistant Vice President for International Education, Dr. James Callaghan or a Study Abroad Adviser for more information. 

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