3946 0 Health & Safety Update Safety considerations are a key component of each education abroad program. Georgia College adheres to the professional standards of safety and risk management in education abroad.In addition, the International Education Center monitors world events through a variety of government-based resources. Georgia College also works closely with its foreign university partners and study abroad affiliates for ‘on-the-ground’ understanding of local events or concerns related to the Worldwide Travel Caution. 2157 3967 0 Zika Update The IEC is being advised and working closely with public health officials on matters pertaining to health safety in regions affected by the Zika virus. Per Georgia College policies, there are currently no prohibitions regarding the Zika virus preventing Georgia College study abroad travel in Latin American or Caribbean countries.

Individuals are strongly encouraged to refer to the CDC’s current information and advisement at: http://www.cdc.gov/zika/.